Empowering Lives Through Compassion

About Us

Our Story and Mission

Bridgedale360 was founded in 2015 by a group of dedicated community advocates who recognized the urgent need to support individuals experiencing homelessness. Their vision of creating a safe and inclusive space for those in need has been at the core of the organization since its inception.

Bridgedale360 has served a diverse range of clients, including individuals of all backgrounds who have found themselves without stable housing. The organization is committed to providing support and resources to help these individuals find stability and rebuild their lives.

Why Choose Bridgedale360?

Discover the unique aspects that set us apart

Comprehensive Support Services

Providing shelter, meals, and job training

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Creating a welcoming space for individuals in need

Empowerment and Stability

Assisting individuals to rebuild their lives

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Join us in our mission to provide support and opportunities to those experiencing homelessness.

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